CBD: ADD and ADHD If you’ve already gone online and done the research, you have discovered that the whole plant cannabinoids in marijuana are a safe and potentially very effective method of treating ADD/ADHD. But the vast majority of ADHD patients simply do not have access to Marijuana because of the fact THC is psychoactive. And for parents of ADHD children, even if they do, administering it to their child could have serious consequences in terms of legal action instigated by schools.

Enter Hemp-Based Extracts

Industrial hemp concentrates extracted from cannabis sativa plants, the stalks to be specific, only contain small amounts of THC – meaning they are non-psychoactive so they can’t get you “stoned."  Instead, the hemp products are high in CBD.
  • CBD has been demonstrated in medical studies to reduce cortisol levels in the brain which naturally cause an increase in dopamine levels. THC does this as well, but in a psychoactive way.
  • CBD is non-toxic, so you can’t overdose on it, it’s non-psychoactive, and non-habit forming or addictive.
  • In established studies CBD helps to normalize social behavior. In human terms, countless people claim it helps them with social anxiety.
  • CBD is the plant substance that’s primarily responsible for the many wonders we’re seeing across the country. Hemp provides the same terpenes and cannabinoids that the marijuana plant provide, just in a different way.
Read about the research that has already been done.

What About Adult ADHD Onset?

If you’re above the age of 21 and you  can’t have or don't like THC, then hemp extracts are worth a shot. We can’t tell you they’re medicinal. We have to tell you that they come from the stalks of highly tested industrial hemp plants and they’re to be used as a food or dietary supplement. Not a drug of any kind. But, you can simply do a Google search for “ADHD and CBD” and begin reading. It will only take you about 3 to 5 hours to read through everything on the first couple pages of results. Here are some fabulous resources to get you started as well: