Is CBD legal?

Is CBD Legal

Yes, Hemp CBD Legal in All 50 States.

It’s legal to market cannabidiol (CBD) oil anywhere in the United States as long as the oil contains less than 0.3 percent THC and is imported from foreign grown hemp. Federal law prohibits U.S. farmers from growing hemp as a commercial crop, but the sale of imported, low-THC, industrial hemp products is permitted in the United States as long as these products are derived from the seed or stalk of the plant, not from the leaves and flowers. Indica Organics CBD is imported from Europe,  manufactured in Texas and distributed to all 50 states; and it's completely legal.  Our CBD oil is derived from hemp, not marijuana, and there is a difference. Indica Organics CBDFlex products are 100% legal to buy and consume in the US and in over 40 countries worldwide.  This federally legal substance is infused into our various products and product lines, providing health and wellness benefits for our customers.   It is also used by the pharmaceutical industry for a variety of therapeutic purposes. The products that we offer only contain the component CBD and there's a very negligible amount of THC in our products. There's absolutely no chance that you can get high from them because it's such a very low level that's present in the Hemp plant itself.  We use a CO2 extraction process to extract the CBD oil from the Hemp plant. Hemp oil is legal to be imported and to be used and be sold as a dietary supplement as considered by the FDA. Typically, it's used for things like:
  • paper
  • clothing
  • different types of textiles
So if you're living in the United States, it's very clear that our products, all the CBD oil from Hemp plants, are considered 100% legal. Now if you're outside the United States, we recommend that you look into your Customs Department and you ask them if you're able to import dietary supplements from the United States because our product is a dietary supplement in the United States and we can ship it worldwide. The only problem is we don't always know if it's going to be received on your end. So if you check with your Customs Department and you ask them to see whether you're able to actually receive dietary supplements from the United States then you should be good to go. For instance, we do not ship to Canada.  At this time, they still consider CBD whether it comes from Hemp or medicinal marijuana to be a Scheduled II Drug – Class Scheduled II Drug which means that it has reported medicinal benefits, but they would like to control the regulation and the selling of those products. Congress may soon vote to exempt industrial hemp and CBD from the definition of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act, which would allow American grown hemp for CBD Hemp oil.

There are not alot of great options when it comes to CBD oil.  Many CBD drops are made from medical marijuana which are not legal to ship and sell on the internet. Indica Organics products are made from industrial hemp which is grown for it’s negligible amount of THC. This is legal for the same reason that you can buy hemp oil in the grocery store. Although our products have much higher concentrations of CBD than you can get from hemp oil. By ordering your CBD from a certified, specialized distributor like Indica Organics, you know that your product will not contain the THC that makes marijuana illegal. With us, you know that your purchase is 100%:
  • Safe
  • Legal
  • High quality
  • Potent
If you have any further questions or comments, feel free to contact us anytime.